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Dragon Ball ZEdit

Saiyan SagaEdit

After his defeat at the hands of Goku, Piccolo vowed to continue his quest to avenge his father and kill Goku, and flies off into the sky. Five years pass and Piccolo has since continued to train in order to reach his goal, but one day he has a brief confrontation with the Saiyan Raditz, who found Piccolo due to his scouter when he was trying to find his brother Kakarot (Goku). Raditz shrugs off Piccolo's most powerful technique known at this time, the Destructive Wave, with Piccolo trembling in fear. Raditz ultimately ignores him in favor of his true target (whose power reading he had initially mistaken Piccolo's for due to their similar levels of progress), his younger brother Kakarot, who turned out to be Goku.

When Piccolo learns of Raditz's plan to destroy humanity, he offers Goku a temporary truce in the face of this new threat, intending to resume his ongoing struggle with Goku afterward. Achieving victory in the battle against Raditz at first seemed hopeless, as Raditz is considerably more powerful than both Goku and Piccolo together (being roughly three times the strength of Piccolo's 408 reading alone), with the latter losing an arm during battle. However, Goku and Piccolo both had the ability to raise their power levels over 1,000, something Raditz was unaware of at first. In the end (after the intervention of the young Gohan, Goku's son who was kidnapped by Raditz), Piccolo manages to mortally wound Raditz with the Special Beam Cannon, a powerful attack he developed, although Goku sacrificed his life in the process, and Piccolo thus avenges his father at a bit of an unexpected moment. Before dying, however, Raditz tricked Piccolo into telling him about the Dragon Balls, and reveals that two other, more powerful Saiyans, Nappa and Vegeta, will be arriving on Earth in one year. In anger, Piccolo finishes Raditz off with one final blow rather than making him suffer, an action noticed by Kami who suspects that Piccolo is changing. When Goku dies shortly afterwards his body mysteriously vanishes, with Piccolo confirming Kami's intervention.