Three characters who I think are the bestEdit

Goku, Gohan, and Trunks.

Dragon ball z f trunks m9 by tekilazo-d3hb0ig

trunks for ths ausome personality

smart funny and handsome & great with robots :P

the only thing he needs is to be a little stronger... i cant see anything wrong with him

400px-Goku (End) SS2 BT3

Goku here i thought was verry funny no other character can beat him. he just needs basic understanding of move's

for someone like him he sure know how to fight

and only trunks is my top favorite so dont get the wrong idea :P

Super Saiyan Teen Gohan


Gohan is just as nice as Trunks is in my opinion

if you wach the histroy of trunks movie then you will see what i mean

i wish trunks would get as much respect as gohan did.

gohan is awesome and funny and funny is an understatement

and strong. hes also my number one favorit character

with a similar personality to trunks