Wallace is the Protagonist of the Pokemon Series and been through many battles and rivals. Wallace has 3 brothers named Ash, Red, Brad Ketchum . He has a mother named Delia Ketchum. Then he has 2 cousins named Raj, and Joshua. He has many rivals and has arch-enemies named Marik, Black Eagle (His previous name is Phenoix), Mia, and the mysteroius fire aura kid Reggie.

Pokemon PearlEdit

Wallace was in his room watching the Search of The Red Gyarados. He went downstairs and his mom told him Barry want to see him.Wallace went to his friend house open the door but Barry bumped into him. Barry forgot his stuff at the house so Wallace went after him. So Wallace got out of Barry's house and went to Route 201 where Barry was waiting for him. Wallace and Barry went to lake Verity to catch the Red Gyarados, but they got interrupted by 2 starlys. So they defeated the 2 starlys. They went back home but they saw the Famous Professor Rowan and the Professor's assistan, Dawn. Barry said, "Who that old man" But Wallace already know who he is. He is the Professor Rowan of Sinnoh.
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